Even though there are seemingly many different penis extenders on the market, there are only a select few which are medical grade. These include Jes Extender and Andro Penis Extender. Since all penis extenders work in the exact same way by promoting new penile cell growth, it can Jes Extender versus Andro Penis Extenderbe difficult to determine which penis extender is best. Here is a comparison of the most important aspects to help you make an educated decision.

How it Works
All penis extenders work by applying a traction force on the penis which causes the cells to stretch apart. Then the gaps between the cells are filled in with new cell growth. While this process is the same with both Jes Extender and Andro Penis Extender, they each work by applying a different amount of force.

With Jes Extender, the amount of traction force is adjustable from 900 to 2000 grams. Andro Penis Extender has a traction force of 600 to 1500 grams. Because the traction amount with Andro is lighter, it takes longer to get optimal results: 8 months compared to 6 months with Jes Extender.

Clinical Studies
Both Jes Extender and Andro Penis Extender have been thoroughly tested in clinical studies. Since they both utilize the proven method of penis enlargement through traction, it is no surprise that the studies are overwhelmingly positive and prove their either penis extender can give you a larger penis.

Safety should be the most important aspect when it comes to choosing a penis extender. While there are some cheap penis extenders out there, these are usually knockoffs. The knockoffs can bend or warp. Even minor warping to the device’s shape can be dangerous to you. This is because safe penis extension relies on a constant forward pressure on your penis. A warped device may extend your penis off at an angle and your penis will then angle off in that direction when erect.

It is also very important that a penis extender give you a precise amount of traction. The cheap penis extenders usually are not accurately calibrated and you could end up over-stretching, resulting in damage to your penile tissue. Both Jes Extender and Andro Penis Extender are made to the highest safety standards with precise tension calibration. They both have been given the Class 1 Medical Device certification with the CE mark.

After safety, comfort is the most important aspect of choosing a penis extender. Keep in mind that you must wear a penis extender for several hours daily if you want to get fast enlargement results. If the device is uncomfortable, then penis enlargement will seem like torture. In the comfort category, Jes Extender prevails over Andro Penis Extender.

Jes Extender boosts a unique comfort strap for attaching your penis to the extension device. The strap goes beneath the penis head and is held onto an anatomical plate. There are even foam rings included which you can put around your penis for additional comfort. With Andro Penis Extender, the penis is attached to the device using a silicon noose. As the name suggests, a noose is not very comfortable. It will dig into the sensitive skin of the penis head area. If worn for too long, the Andro Penis Extender could even cause damage by cutting off circulation.

Regardless of whether you choose Jes Extender or Andro Penis Extender, you are sure to get results. With Jes Extender, you results are based on your original size. On average, men experienced gains of 28% of their starting length and 19% of their starting girth. Please note, however, that the Jes Extender “Light” model only adjusts up to 6.7 inches. This model is only suitable for men who have very small starting sizes. For men who are slightly below average of average sized, then the Jes Extender “Original” model is a better choice because it allows gains up to 9 inches.

With Andro Penis Extender, you can get gains of up to 1.6 inches in length and 0.6 inches in girth. While the amount of growth varies per person depending on initial size, the results are consistently less than with Jes Extender. Further, it takes longer to get results with Andro Penis Extender (8 months) compared to Jes Extender (6 months).

Price and Extras
Andro Penis Extender is cheaper than Jes Extender. The most basic Andro Penis Extender costs 129 Euros and goes up to 249 Euros (approximately $180-$340). The most basic Jes Extender starts at 249 Euros ($340). Jes Extender also has special editions which are coated in silver, gold or platinum. These models are very pricey, going up to 1,399 Euros. The fine-metal coatings do not make them any more effective than the basic versions though they do come with longer warranties.

Jes Extender has become very popular because it backs itself with a double money-back guarantee. The way that the refund works is that you must use Jes Extender for 1000 hours within a year (about 2-3 hours of use daily). If you do not experience gains, then you will get twice your money back. You can claim your refund at anytime during the year so long as you have completed 1000 hours of training. In order to meet the stipulations of the refund, you must take a picture of your penis while wearing the Jes Extender to show you are using it properly. You must also enter your hours of use and growth amounts into an online profile weekly.

The Andro Penis Extender offers a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. While this guarantee does not require you to input your personal information into an online profile, it is for a much shorter period than with Jes Extender.

While Andro Penis Extender is the more economical choice, it is worth paying extra for Jes Extender because of the comfort factor. With the Jes Extender comfort strap, you will be able to wear the extension device for hours daily and speed up your results. In clinical trials, Jes Extender provided more results on average and in a shorter time frame. Since Jes Extender is backed by a double money back guarantee, it is a surer investment than Andro.